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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Best Veggie Secrets

My genius friend Jess suggested a post devoted to 'vegetarian secrets.' The idea is to list your favourite veggie dish from a restaurant, a great secret ingredient or some other kind of vegetarian magic. Here's my secret to get the ball rolling:

To give winter soups a richer flavour, roast garlic in the oven for 20 minutes and then add it to the soup. Just separate the cloves, peel off the outer skin layers, wrap them in aluminium foil and roast at around 150 - 180 degrees. Make sure you leave at least one skin layer on because this protects the garlic while it's roasting.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Vegan lunches

Vegan lunches in a box. What a great idea!

Dinner tonight - vegetarian shepherd's pie. Kind of.

After two humid, 36 degree days, Sydney dipped to 23 max. I came home shivering and in the mood for a hearty meal so I made a vegetarian shepherd's pie. Kind of.

Ingredients (Amazingly I had all these lying around):

One brown onion, chopped thinly
Three garlic cloves, chopped thinly
A handful of chopped broccoli
6-7 chopped mushrooms
One zucchini, thinly sliced and halved.
Five potatoes (chopped in squares to make mash)
One can of Sanitarium tender pieces
One can of chopped tomatoes
Two tablespoons of tomato paste
A little milk and margarine for making mashed potatoes.
Salt, pepper and my Dad's home made red wine to taste.

Saute the onion and garlic in olive oil until brown. Add the broccoli, mushroom and zucchini and lightly cook. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes.

Add the tomatoes, tender pieces and tomato paste. Let it cook for a couple of minutes, then add salt, pepper and red wine to taste (I added about a tenth of a wine glass. Sadly I can't translate that to any formal cooking metric.) Let the casserole base simmer for about five minutes or until the vegetables become tender.

Drain the potatoes. Add a dessert spoon of margarine and mash. Add a splash of milk if you prefer it creamy, then salt and pepper to taste. Spoon the casserole base into a baking dish and spread the mashed potato on top. Let it cook in a 180 C oven for approximately 20 minutes. Serve, eat and enjoy!

Veggie Friendly Blog

I set up this blog as a complement to my Veggie Friendly restaurant review blog. The idea behind that blog is to review Sydney restaurants to see how vegetarian and vegan friendly they are. A couple of friends from Canberra have since come on board, so hopefully it will cater for the Bush Capital as well.